One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Error in Evolution 2007



1.Mine for the Taking03:53
2.Knights in Satan's Service03:14
3.Such a Sick Boy03:59
4.The Supreme Butcher02:57
5.The Sun Never Shines04:03
6.See Them Burn05:10
7.Nightmare in Ashes and Blood04:52
8.He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Alice Cooper cover)03:45
9.Heaven Knows No Pain04:45
10.Hail the King03:15

Origin: Sweden (Trollhättan)
Genre(s): Death/Thrash Metal
Current Line-up:
Johan Lindstrand - Vocals (ex-The Crown, ex-Impious (Swe), Incapacity)
Robert Axelsson - Bass
Mikael Lagerblad - Lead Guitar
Pekka Kiviaho - Rhythm Guitar (ex-Persuader, ex-Auberon)
Marek Dobrowolski - Drums (Reclusion)